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The fireplace is a special comfort in Your home
The fireplace is one of the inventions of man. From the Latin word "fireplace" is translated as "hearth". Long - time he was a necessary element of any premises, as the comfort caused by the radiation of the fire and its inherent charm, has inspired people to spend unforgettable evenings with family or alone to surrender to the memories, thoughts about the future. In a room with subdued lighting the light glow of the fireplace, in a special way the music sounds, sharper perceived visible
How to choose a fireplace?
Today, customers who plan on buying a fireplace, there are many questions: "What furnace to choose?", "What is the fundamental difference between brands?", "Something to heat the room and better the contribution of the fireplace or a freestanding stove?". In this article, we'll help You figure it out.
Technological features heating fireplace
In this article we will help You to deal with the functional differences of fireplaces that can be found on the market today; to understand their technological capabilities and will try to change your stereotypical idea of the power and possibilities of fireplaces.
"What to choose, cast iron or steel?"
In this article we will dispel the myth that cast iron fireplace insert better than metal, or Vice versa, metal - better than iron, and will show You the main features that should be provided by a furnace professional for heating of cast iron or steel. Delineate qualitative characteristics of the product at relevant functional levels.
What to pay attention when you install a fireplace?
In this article we will help You correctly to choose the necessary components, materials, in order to properly and efficiently carry out installation of your stone Deposit, which You carefully chose, because the purchase is only half the traveled way to a long-awaited dream of "a cozy and functional nook" in your home .
Scheme potranco rosaleena heat
Often postauth vopros, Chi can kamnem obrt whole house? I really camn Chi can vistupali alternative obsrve gas Chi electrical? W Vpevnenist can wapost – so! - Can! For krasovo rozumna, Yakima pratsyuє the rank of konvektsii method rosaleena heat, propanone razganata the diagram in the figure .
What is the heating system "hypocaust"?
Increasingly in the modern information space sounds has long been known and has been known since historical times heating "hypocaust", the principle of which is still used at designing of systems of heating of residential premises, but what it is and what it is that nobody really knows, and how it is still relevant today, especially. Therefore, in this article we will help You figure it out!
Акумулятивна система LILA TEC може використовуватись для будівництва теплоємного каміну, навіть у випадку, з кутовою камінною топкою. Для побудови конструкції, якої необхідно лише врахувати фактор наявності опорної конструкції балки – перемички над верхньою частиною камінної топки.
TEPLOMA PC – modern pdhd to traditsionnogo obsrve!
In this article we will help you get acquainted with modern European technologies of construction of the thermal capacitance of the furnace, because it is such a mountainous country with a bright color, like Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland laid the tradition of small, but extremely efficient furnace designs that bring warmth and comfort in the home and spread this love to all countries of Europe. We will also help you to understand the technical characteristics of heating a house with t
Fireplace inserts with a water circuit, promising investment in a warm
Fireplace inserts with a water circuit - a promising contribution to the warm future! Fire and water - two strongest elements of nature that are seemingly impossible to combine, but we will prove to you that the impossible - possible! In this article we would like to pay attention to the fireplace with a water circuit, with which you can efficiently heat the whole house with the possibility to join an existing central heating. That is, except for the beautiful panorama of fire in the fireplace
"Smart fireplace" - a myth or reality?
We would like to present you a novelty in the Ukrainian market - hybrid fireplace inserts from the Polish producer Iwona Pellets, which made the revolutionary outlook on the traditional fireplace and heating. The company began production in 2011 and since then has gained wide popularity in the European market. What is the feature of these "miracle fireplaces"?
Mixtures for masonry stoves, plaster, fire clay and expanded clay plat
Already a long time of the twenty-first century - EPA notng technologies that intelektualna designing, but camn on the furnaces , that prishli us W dawnh-Daven, do not shasla, but on the contrary W cutaneous nevinno the rock increases. In Dane city, mi b hotel prelite attention of every modern renovated materials with the help which, buduvati very pic kamna has become easier, likely that Nadine. Also z was mozliwosci have such a design that the more compact adaptivnoi to the modern interior deci