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Varieties of fireplace portals, beauty and decor to Your taste

And so, first of all distinguish the variety of materials from which to make the fireplace portal, based on the style and design of your home, from classic to hi-tech.
The most common material for the chimney lining is marble.

1.Mramor - is a rock formed by the metamorphosis of limestone zalyagan. Solutions of salts and oxidizers have marble large palette of colors and unique texture in the process of its formation. Virtually every block of marble may have obtained your own color and individual characteristics.

Marble is characterized by the following features:
1. High mechanical strength. When comparing materials such as marble, concrete, marble then 2.5 times stronger. This strength is due to the fact that the marble special thread-like structure, which allows it to withstand the heavy loads.
2.Prosto care. When cutting marble surface is not covered by microcracks, which means that it is always and under all conditions, retains its perfect appearance.
3. High level of resistance to abrasion. Marble is one of the natural minerals are not erased with time, so the marble floor will always look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
4.Vidnovlyuvanist material. A wonderful property that has this natural stone is an opportunity to recover from injuries. Any mechanical damage can be removed and return the marbles natural and original state.
5.Shumopoglinannya and vibration. Marble is able to reduce the sound, so to say they "absorb".
6.Veliky lifetime.
The second most common use is granite.
2.Granit - this is one of the most solid rock, igneous rocks. He lies on a depth of several kilometers below the surface zemli.Do composition of the rock includes such well-known minerals as feldspar, quartz and mica. Extracted it with explosives, it releases rock. This stone has long been used by builders, architects and finishers premises as an indispensable material that goes well with metal, wood, brick, and many other details of construction, which allows designers to skillfully write granite products into your interior.

The natural color of granite - light gray, but considering the fact that the structure includes a granite various impurities can vary its color from pink to blue and red, and even green. Granite has the original grainy picture.

The difference between the granite and marble is as follows:

1.Granit compared with marble, more rugged and durable.

2. In contrast to the granite, marble - a moody material. It is not as slippery as granite, so it is often used for cladding steps and floors in baths and bathrooms, as well as for the construction of internal stairs.

3.Granit has a grainy picture, and the marble has a pattern consisting of all kinds of streaks and stains. Color can be a gray granite, pink, red, blue, green. Marble can be of different colors - from yellow and red to absolute black.

4.Marmur unlike granite is easily polished and highly sensitive to chemical agents and high temperatures.

3.Peschanik - a natural stone, which has high strength, durability, cold resistance, and guaranteed safety for human and animal health, shall not harm the environment and is in line with the elite of construction materials. Sandstone has high strength and durability. Natural beauty, decorative and texture variety of stone can turn any interior, making it unique. The uniqueness and originality of sandstone is that each section has its individual and interesting pattern. Exceptional combination of colors and variety of forms does not leave anyone indifferent to this stone.

Main characteristics of sandstone:
1.Pischanik simultaneously combines as high chemical - physical characteristics and aesthetic parameters. Products made of natural sandstone is widely used as cladding and building material, allowing you to create unique facades, chic interior, and also used in architecture and landscape design.
2.Pischanik has antibacterial properties and does not have a negative impact on the human body.
3.Pischanik has not only the strength and durability, but also has a beneficial effect on humans, proving its reliability, providing confidence and peace of mind.
4. The characteristics of sandstone (Savage) is much softer than granite - its density is 1600-2700kg / m3; the stone is not the natural background radiation. Compared to the limestone, sandstone has a high frost resistance and low moisture resistance. Tests prove the ability of stone stand about 50 complete cycles of thawing and freezing (F = 50). This figure shows the indisputable use of sandstone in our changing climate.
5.Nizke water absorption of 0.2% and a porosity of 0.74%, which confirms all: the smaller the absorption and higher strength, more durable stone. Sandstone - a middle ground between the granite and limestone; its embrittlement factor is 0.19, and the density of 2.68 g / cm3. The compressive strength is at 122.2 MPa, it allows you to affect up to 35t. Manifold 1 m2. Millennium impact of connecting substances identified under natural pressure abrasion sandstone 0.55 g / cm2.
5.Kahel - a kind of chimney and furnace lining, which has the ability to store heat and then gradually to give it the environment. The bonding mechanism particles used fireclay bricks, which contributes to better heat dissipation, so the shuttle is teploakkumulyatsiyni properties. Thermal radiation is evenly distributed in space, without overheating the air in the room and keeping its natural moisture. Pleasant temperature heat (long-wave radiation), which allocates a tile, penetrate into the human body and can cause even at a temperature of 18 C zigritosti feeling. Thanks to the complete combustion of wood in the correct use of the ash pan and flue gas channels extraction efficiency ranges from 80 to 85%. Traces of soot and other contaminants can be easily removed with a damp sponge. Also, according to the observations of psychologists tiled stoves are strong natural centers of attraction. It is in the room where the stove, a person experiences a strong desire to go and touch the tile.

Unlike other cladding materials for fireplaces and stoves (marble, granite, wood, sandstone) tile gives you a huge amount of choice of forms and colors. This allows you to perform a tiled lining in different styles and fit to different interior.

There are several types of tiles for stoves:

Majolica (colored glazed tiles pressed with a pattern);
Terracotta ("majolica glazes and without a pattern," is a clear geometric shapes and rounded, porous in texture, slightly rough);
Ceramic tiles (unpainted or colored clay, manufactured using fireclay and special additives).

Tiled stoves and fireplaces - it is economical heating without harmful substances and with health benefits.

6.Talkomagnezit - natural stone gray-green color, comprising two inorganic components: talc and magnesite, which is formed due to the high temperature and pressure.

Talkohlorit - the perfect stone for the accumulation of heat. Warming up to 10 times faster; It retains heat is 2.5 times greater; It gives heat to 2 times longer than brick furnace. Rapidly conducts heat, giving it for 5-8 hours after the completion of burning wood in the fireplace contribution.
Facing soapstone not only has a good aesthetic appearance, but also high funktsionalst, while maintaining the sophisticated elegant style.
A good solution of interior design with maximum heating!

Finishing stoves and fireplace portals can be quite varied, depending on the

your interior and desires. In addition to these materials may be used: wood of different breeds, brick, river stone, drywall, ceramic ornaments, superizolni plates (of which we discussed in a previous article) and heat-resistant decorative plaster. It is easy to combine and make your unique design!

Over the centuries, a variety of lining of fireplaces and stoves is a reflection of fashion trends and technology development. Appointment of fireplaces and stoves at different times interpreted differently. If the Renaissance was exposed to show the wealth and power of man, with the help of massive fireplaces displays the status of the owner, the fireplace in our time can be different sizes, individually decorated, but comfortable and functional.

We are always happy to help you to choose what is more suitable for you!