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Atra (France) - manufacturer of fireplace inserts, which is part of the Jotul Group. Atra fireplace inserts made of alloyed metal that withstands high temperatures and sudden fluctuations. The combustion chamber Atra futureman protective material is fireclay, which keeps the walls from burnout. Range fireplace inserts Atra is characterized by large size, massive panoramic glass doors with gelatine type opening and topilnica the construction of the combustion chamber. In each fireplace furnace Atra included is a large iron rest to hold the wood. The weight of the fireplace inserts Atra from 250 to 500 kg. Capacity Atra fireplace inserts from 8 to 14 kW. There is a possibility of air supply from the street. Large overall furnace Atra are ideal for the interiors of hotels and restaurants, and large-scale spaces, which will provide a beautiful panorama of fire and comfort.