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HOXTER (Germany-Czech Republic) - manufacturer of metal fireplace inserts for professional heating buildings and premises. Hoxter fireplace inserts are made of boiler steel alloy that withstands high temperatures and sudden fluctuations. All Hoxter fireplace inserts can be used for building heat and obudowa system "hypocaust", and also to combine with the universal systems of accumulation, such as the system of the Austrian company "RATH". The combustion chamber of furnaces Hoxter futureman specially patented material - nerolidol for fireplace water Deposit and fireclay, for air that protects the walls of the fireplace hearth from burning out. Range Hoxter fireplace inserts has rinomati shapes, sizes, mechanisms of opening doors, as well as basophilic characterized by the build system of the combustion chamber that retains heat better and the process of decay of wood. Existing secondary heating gases and the air intake from the street. Water furnace Hoxter you can connect with your existing Central heating system, or used as the sole source of heat able to heat water in the boiler. The weight of the fireplace inserts from 110 to 450 kg. weight Ratio of the inner lining Hoxter fireplace inserts to the total mass is in the ratio 1:3. Potegnite Hoxter fireplace inserts from 8 to 24 kW. Possibly single or double glazing, and change the curtains of the door (left/right).