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Iwona Pellets

Iwona Pellets (Poland) - producer hybrid air and water Fireplaces with boiler steel, which can use three types of fuel: briquette, wood and pellets. Insulation material in the middle of the combustion chamber - grog.
The company began production in 2011 and got the leading position in the European market, as introduced a revolutionary perspective on traditional wood-fired heating. Fireplace inserts Iwona Pellets have a high adaptability and independence from the user, as in the basic version contains automation system that can be programmed for all 7 days of the week in different modes. You can choose what type of fuel to heat, will be what mode the fireplace and under what conditions. Perhaps the automatic ignition of the fire with the help of SMS messages from any gadget available to you. You yourself can choose how many days your room will be independently heated at a predetermined temperature. Using the pellets, it will depend on the volume of the container. The maximum amount of 400 kg, which is approximately 30 days. Also fireplace provides automatic cleanup, that is, you minimize the interference with the process of the fireplace, if desired, up to a month.