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Jotul (NORWAY) - manufacturer of cast iron fireplace inserts for professional heating buildings and premises. The company was founded in 1853. Jotul fireplace inserts manufactured from a specially patented gray cast iron, which withstands high temperatures and sudden fluctuations. The combustion chamber futureman double cast iron walls or vermiculite plates protect the products against burnout and allow you to use non-stop. The range Jotul fireplace inserts consists of models with a classical combustion system and models with the secondary combustion gases. The weight of the fireplace inserts Jotul from 110 to 200 lbs., with size from 4 to 17 kW. Jotul furnace equipped with various mechanisms for opening the door. Have bestolkovyy combustion system may use the optional ash pan specifically for a certain model range, there is the possibility of a fence of air from street. Each furnace Jotul can use the system of accumulation, which continues the intensity of heat transfer within 8 hours after completion of the combustion process in the combustion chamber. The weight, shape and dimensions depend on the volume of the combustion chamber.

Additional accessories: heat-resistant black enameled and pipes; chimneys; chimney veneer of talcum magnesite and concrete; the ashpit; the accumulative system of the masses; automatic combustion regulation; distributors; adapter; decorative rosette; the floor plate of heat-resistant glass and fireplace accessories.