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Оrtner (Austria) - known European manufacturer of refractory and insulation materials, refractory slabs, temperature-resistant mixtures, adhesives, sealants, accumulating masses for fireplace inserts and all the necessary materials for masonry stoves and barbecues. Since 1983 the company Ortner is a leading manufacturer and developer of the furnace mixtures of high European quality.

The company became a subsidiary of SIH - groups (Schmid Industrie holding) in 2008. Under the leadership of Manfred Haber, "Ortner", is still famous for its innovative products that have a high processing quality and greater resistance to high temperatures up to 1800 C. About 50% of its sales comes from exports. Ovenbirds and Kaminski across Europe prefer kiln production "Ortner", since it's reliable quality proven over the years!