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Royal Flame

Royal Flame (CHINA) - appeared on the Ukrainian electronics market in 2015 - a real godsend for modern design interior. Hi-Tech series of foci of Royal Flame has a number of advantages that have already been tested by consumers in different countries and marked to the specifications and top quality at a confident position in the loyal price policy. The first thing that can not be ignored, this is, of course, that design of each model of the hearth Flame Royal, not devoid of originality and great beauty. Models vary in size and shape of the glass faceplate, which can be of two types: standard-smooth and semi-circular with a slight external bulge. Semicircular shape a little (just a couple of inches) increases the depth of the fireplace, but it creates a more interesting subject with smooth soft lines. Fairly wide black bezel that frames the hearth, blends well in the interior with plasma and other glossy objects and furniture. The fireplace is a wall mount (mount kit) and not take up too much space in the room.
All Royal Flame electric fireplaces feature heating. As in the classic dual pockets and Autonomous heating. The burning effect is a few smooth steps of increasing brightness. All functions is carried out using the remote control, also on the screen of the fireplace reflected the settings. Fake wood is well lit and creates a nice realistic impression.