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SCAN (Denmark) - manufacturer of high performance metal fireplace inserts and stoves, which are able to satisfy even the most refined taste. The company Scan was founded in 1978. In the brand logo Scan label "white Swan", which indicates the friendliness and the requirement of all European standards on emission of carbon in air, is provided by double, and in some models triple system of post-combustion gases generated in the combustion of firewood, thereby facilitating the cleaning of the glass. The inner part of the combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite, material, saves your walls from overheating. Scan is a modern model, made using metal finishes and in a variety of colours that will suit all interior solutions. Efficiency Scan 78%. Power Scan 4 to 10 kW. The range of stone ovens has a variety of Scan shapes, sizes, mechanisms of opening of a door. The weight of the stone furnaces from 60 to 350 kg.

Additional components: system accumulative masses, a variety of oven racks and shelves.