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Gate Expert Tepla

Expert Tepla
Sales of inventory
The Gate L1
The Gate L1 20 €
Sales of inventory
The Gate L2
The Gate L2 25 €
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The Gate L3
The Gate L3 34 €
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The Gate L4
The Gate L4 34 €
Sales of inventory
The Gate L5
The Gate L5 115 €

The EXPERT of HEAT (UKRAINE) is a cast - iron door, cooktop, cast iron stove damper, cast iron cookware and all the necessary components to construct furnaces and barbecues. Chicory Maldini a number will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding customer, because every item contains a unique ornament, an engraving or an interesting configuration of glass. All stove parts are manufactured using high quality cast iron, heat-resistant glass can withstand high temperature up to 1200 C and their sharp drops. Most of the doors and ovens have built-in thermometers for the convenience of cooking has become. Also on offer is a variety of cast iron pans of different diameter, a different volume pots, roaster and grill.