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Convection fireplace inserts

Austroflamm (Austria) - producer of metal fireplace inserts and heat-accumulative materials for professional heating buildings and premises. Austroflamm furnace made of alloyed metal that withstands high temperatures and sudden fluctuations. Combustion chamber inserts Austroflamm futureman specially patented material - keramat. Keramat keeps the walls from burnout and well-balanced between thermal insulation and thermal conductivity, accelerating the high temperature in the combustion process. In addition, due to the white color reflects heat into the room where the fireplace insert. Also keramat has the ability at a temperature of C self-cleaning, and in combination with the secondary combustion gases, which promotes self-cleaning fireplace glass provides the crisp white beauty of the combustion chamber of Your fireplace inserts Austroflamm.

Range fireplace inserts Austroflamm has a variety of shapes, sizes, mechanisms of opening doors, as well as bestolkovoe characterized by the build system of the combustion chamber, which better retains the heat and continues the process of decay of wood.

Weight Austroflamm fireplace inserts from 110 to 350 kg., Capacity range from 8 to 14 kW. There is the possibility of air supply from the street. Each furnace Austroflamm can use the system of accumulation in three optional versions, boxes rings, rings that continues the intensity of heat removal within 12 hours after completion of the combustion process in the combustion chamber. The weight, shape and size of which depend on the volume of the combustion chamber.

Additional components: system accumulative masses, decorative frame.

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