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Convection fireplace inserts

LLcalor (SPAIN) - manufacturer of fireplace inserts, which is a subsidiary of Spanish manufacturer firm Rocal. Fireplace inserts LLcalor made of alloyed metal that withstands high temperatures and sudden fluctuations. The combustion chamber LLcalor futureman protective material is fireclay, which protects the walls from burnout. Range fireplace inserts LLcalor is characterized by a variety of stone sizes of the deposits, method of opening doors (gilyatina and sides). Furnace LLcalor populism and features a specially patented metal handle - key, which you can easily open the doors and remove pepelnik. Glass fireplace doors in the combustion process of wood is self-cleaning. Weight LLcalor fireplace inserts from 120 to 350 kg. Capacity LLcalor fireplace inserts from 8 to 14 kW. Possible air intake from the street.

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