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ROBAX heat-resistant glass


"ROBAX SCHOTT" (Germany) - a special heat-resistant flat glass (transparent enamel), which has low thermal expansion and is used in environments with high temperature, namely for doors fireplace inserts and furnaces, and protective screens for open fireplaces.

Glass "SCHOTT Robax" exceptional characteristics multiplied by a German quality.


  • the maximum size of UAH 1,996 / 1.1 meters;
  • temperature resistance up to 760 ° C;
  • 4 mm thick;

The glass is cut in accordance with the above-mentioned sizes and is packaged for safe delivery.

Fire-resistant glass "SCHOTT Robax" resistant to thermal shock and to temperature gradient Tmax ≤ 700 ° C.

Heat resistant glass (thermostable) "SCHOTT ROBAX" glass is a transparent ceramic which can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet Your needs. We therefore offer You all the advantages of a true temperature miracle: thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, ceramic refractory glass is not exposed to extremely high temperatures. In addition, it has good conductivity of heat, which allows you to save direct a feature fireplace. You will be able to enjoy the dance of fire and warmth, protecting yourself and your room from open flames and flying sparks.

* Price is per square meter.

Possible machining: grinding and polishing of glass edges, drilling holes.