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Kaminin - about company



 "Kaminin-Ukraine" - is all-Ukrainian association of large-scale regional offices set up to become strong local satellites for all who care about the future of fireplace and stove .Ved case, we are created to carry the warmth and comfort in your home!

We have teamed up with all the best associates: Pecnik and kaminschikamy throughout Ukraine, in order to restore the furnace business, introduce a culture of fireplaces and sharing experiences; studying and introducing the latest technology on the market, helping you to save and implement your "warm" dreams in the future!
 In every city you can find the branded shop "Kaminin," which has the exclusive right to represent a certain group of products known European manufacturers of fireplace and stove products, such as: JOTUL - Norway, ATRA - France, SCAN - Denmark, AUSTROFLAMM-Austria, HOXTER -Germany, ROCAL- Spain, LL CALOR- Spain, La NORDICA - (Italy), RATH - (Austria), ORTNER -Germany, DARCO- Poland.
It is here you can get expert technical advice and installation license. We will accompany you at all stages of your project and help you to find what you need you!

Separate heat with us!

Yours faithfully, collective "Kaminin."