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License installation

License INSTALLATION - this is your safety and reliability of the SON!

Most of you are choosing a fireplace or stove, dreams of comfort and warmth in the house; a lot of attention to the external decoration of the fireplace, carefully selects fireplace inserts, forgetting about the importance of quality installation process, especially paying little attention to the chimney. And this, above all, your safety and safe sleep.

On the Ukrainian market are a lot of companies that carry out the installation of fireplace inserts, stoves and chimney systems using the standard approach is to be mounted; forgetting to take into account the features of buildings; guided by their own intuition and experience, despite the fact that technology is rapidly marching forward; and forget to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, in the future may have a negative impact on your life.

"Kaminin" The company offers professional, reliable, high-quality and most importantly the license installation of fireplace inserts, stoves, chimneys and ventilation systems. Our highly skilled professionals annually held numerous technical workshops and training; have experience in the installation of fireplaces more than 10 years; the design always take into account the characteristics of buildings, recommendations manufacturers and customers wishes.

Also, the company "Fireplaces" provides after-sales service of your installed fireplaces and stoves. You will be able at any time to contact us, we will be happy to advise and be able to keep your fireplace in perfect working order - we are always there!

OOO Company "EXPERT HEAT" is a member of the All-Ukrainian association "Kamynin said," and a sub-contractor for the installation work.