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A furnace Aquador Blok 515 door with screen printing

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Key features
Brand: Aquador
Weight: 227 kg
Power: 15 kW
Material: steel
Dimensions HxWxD: 1085x612x545 mm
Manufacturer country: Czech Republic
The length of logs: 50 cm
Capacity: 40l
The diameter of the flue outlet: 200 mm
KPD: 81%
The insulating material: neolithic
Features of the model
Glass: flat
Connection method: top
Method for opening doors: side
Secondary afterburner: yes
The presence of ash: yes
The supply of oxygen from the street: yes
Self-cleaning system glass: yes

A furnace Aquador Blok 515 door with screen printing

A furnace with a water circuit Aquador Blok 515 with screen printing

Combustion chamber lined with a patented material - neolon interacts well with water systems and protects the wall of the fireplace firebox from burnout. Also Keramet protects against overheating the body. The ventilation on top of the glass, creating an air curtain thereby preventing soot from sticking to it. Adjusting the intensity of combustion is the air supply regulator. The standard provides the air supply into the combustion chamber from the outside. The closed glass in steel frame. The furnace has a very low exhaust gas temperature of 217 degrees Celsius. With a total rated power of 15 kW, the redistribution of the produced energy is as follows: 11 kW - water heating, 4 kW - heat the air (using a pipe, glass).

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